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"...As soon as I walked in with my daughter (almost 3 years old) I knew I had found everything I was looking for. The classroom is beautiful, clean and well lit and their yard is quaint and cozy. But, most of all the teachers are absolutely wonderful! The love, attention, energy and effort that they put into their program is truly unique and I feel that I couldn’t have found a better school for my little one.”

-- Pickymama

Why Montessori?

Is your child curious? Of course they are! The Montessori approach to learning is a wonderful way for your child to explore what interests them without pressure and at their own pace--in other words, in a way that is fun, engaging and promotes a life-long love of learning

Nurture the Individual

Contrary to some misperceptions of what Montessori is about, it is not about pressuring children to do academic work in a highly structured environment. That couldn't be farther from the truth!

Instead it's about developing your child's creativity, problem solving and critical thinking abilities at their own, individual level. We provide this in an environment designed to nurture their independence, social skills and positive self-image. No pressure here!

Authentic Montessori, Authentic Fun

Our teachers are certified Montessori educators dedicated to providing the best of the Montessori method to your child. Our goal is to make learning fun because that's how we all learn best. When someone is doing something they love, their dopamine level goes up. That boost provides motivation to do or learn. Montessori calls this the sensitive period.  

Through a fun and engaging environment, we strive to help young children become:
  • Self-directed learners
  • Flexible thinkers
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Empathic citizens
  • Resilient individuals
  • Lifelong learners

Access to Montessori Materials

At First Friends Montessori, your child has access to a wide range of exceptional Montessori materials designed to unlock their curiosity and expand their understanding. Your child will learn about:
  • sensorial (visual, chromatic, auditory, tactile, etc.); 
  • cultural (geography, physical/earth science, people of the world, etc.); 
  • math (numeration, decimal system, linear counting, memorization, fractions, etc.);  
  • handwriting/language (key sounds, moveable alphabet, mechanical writing, reading, spectrum materials, etc.); 
  • practical life (pouring, washing, polishing, etc.); and 
  • biology (parts of plants, part of flower, zoology, etc.)


The First Friends Montessori Difference

First Friends Montessori has been referred to as Ross Valley's best kept secret. Our families say it's because we offer outstanding care, outstanding teachers and an outstanding program. But it's our friendly atmosphere and loving relationships we've made over the years with our families that we are most proud of. 

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